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#1 Posted : Tuesday, January 29, 2019 8:36:06 AM(UTC)
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The cold wind is blowing in the air, and the hair has been blown in the wind. I am standing on the side of the road waiting for the red-hot hands. This cool and sad season, this kind of road, let your shadow It once again appeared in front of my eyes.are very happy every day of the season, because the boy came to see you at school, you burned your coolest explosive head, went shopping with him hand in hand, you told me that boy It makes you very excited, he pulls you, you feel very happy. He is very careful, holding you carefully, crossing the road always puts you inside Newport Cigarettes Free Shipping, once, when you cross the road, chaos, a speeding car, the boy immediately pulls you back, is putting him In your arms, you said that his arms are very warm, so that you are very safe, you are deeply touched by this move.ese stories are all like this cold weather, you told me in my bed, they have been clearly left in my mind. You are very bad. Like this cold weather, you don't like to sleep in your own bed. You always wait for me to warm the bed, you will get in, your cold body will bring the cold outside, how can I accept it. Once, you are very jealous, and you can't keep going after the dead skin, I am helpless, so I made a decision. I know that what you are most afraid of is tickling. So I started attacking you. In this way, it is really effective. You can't stop the "giggle" laugh over there. However, if you slam a counterattack, I am also laughed at by you. In fact, I am quite afraid of itching. That's it, I have been laughing and laughing with you all the time. you finally can't stand it, ask for mercy, "Golden girl Marlboro Light Discount, you let me go", "You think about it, when you say, I think again, you give me this nickname, spread throughout the school. Yesterday, Teacher Yao also asked, who is Jin girl? You said how I should punish you." I said with anger. still said with a smile on your face, "It's not good to help you improve your popularity wants such popularity, Jin girl, it sounds like a village girl." I replied, "I was a village girl." She smiled and said that while moving away from me, you, I don't Repairing you, I will not call summery, I took my cute little bear and throw it at you in spite of everything. You are very clever Marlboro Cigarettes Online For Sale, and immediately bounced back to my bed with my ass. I am preparing to launch the attack again, and your expression changes, facing me "hey.", immediately drilled back into my bed, whispered, "Don't say anything, the teacher came to check the bed again.good student who is abiding by the rules, but I don't want to be criticized by the teacher, so I will stop crying.t for a long while, there was no movement outside. I was a little suspicious. You were smirking and laughing there. You smiled and I realized that you were playing againu are always so naughty, how can you make people forget it easily.mber that night? You slept in the upper bunk, suddenly screaming in the bed in the middle of the night. At first, I thought you were pranking again. Maybe you thought that you were dreaming again. I went to sleep after I turned over. Then I faintly heard the voice. Too much, I got up and turned on the light and found that you were hurting to knock over the bed. I saw your pale face and scared me. I don't know what the situation is, call up the sisters in the dormitory and send you to the opposite hospital. You are so painless that you can't walk. I kneel down and say that I want to carry you, but you refuse, saying that I am thinner than you, I can't afford it. I know that you are stubborn, don't tell you so much theory, just ask a few sisters to grab your hands and feet and press them directly on my back. I hear that you are breathing a little Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping Newport 100 Box, I am desperately carrying a trot, but the opposite hospital though I can see it at a glance, but it is not so close. I am in a hurry, but I am not capable of making big strides. A small stone almost stumbled me, I was afraid of falling into the sick. The sisters looked at me too tired, and they were competing to rotate and carry you back. When I arrived at the hospital, the night shift doctor, I saw these anxious expressions, and he thought it was at stake. Immediately pushed to the rescue room, we are more worried, because I have never seen you have any pains, this suddenly .... . . We have been thinking about it all the time. After a while, the doctor came out from the emergency room. We immediately asked about the situation. The doctor said that there was no big problem. It was just that you had kidney stones. We were able to make it easy. Although it is not a particularly serious disease, it is not a small disease. I have to live in the hospital for a while and I have to have surgery. You are scared to hear the words of surgery. You are always asking me, will you die? You tell me, you want to go home at this time, you miss your mother, and then you cry when you hold me. I don��t feel bad when I see you like this, but I don��t cry because I feel that I have a sense of responsibility for adults. That night, I stayed at your pillow for a night. You have surgery, and in the days that followed, I have been with you all the time. It��s just that you are safe, your health is the greatest wish of all of us. You told me that I am very motherhood, and I am very impressed with my mother. Although this sentence is not very good for my age, I am very willing to take care of you!our sisters, you always say that my lacrimal gland is underdeveloped and that I don't cry. But you know? In fact, I am stronger than the lacrimal gland, but the surface is so strong. However, your departure makes my tears appear like springs. Is it because you have not seen me crying during your lifetime? Let me flow so desperately.always say that I have no temper, and everything can't stand my anger. Sometimes you deliberately tease me with everyone, and I just feel more fun and don't feel angry. And you tell me, there is something unhappy, tempering us, okay, we have to make trouble, we can accept. Don't always be alone in your heart, it hurts. What a friend is doing is to play a role at this time. Although I don't agree with you, this sentence makes me feel very intimate, very loyal, and I will never forget it in my life!the words you said, all the memories we have together are so fresh Cheap Cigarrete Wholesale, you live and dance, a picture is in front of me, I am standing in the distance, smiling, smiling, I am trying to think To catch you, you will never catch it.
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