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SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions List

How to get my "FarmID" value?

There are several ways how to get your SharePoint Farm ID.

Method 1:

  • Make sure ArtfulBits License Manager is installed on SharePoint Server and activated
  • Go to your SharePoint Central Administration site
  • Open Operations page (for SharePoint 2007 only)
  • Click on ArtfulBits License Manager link under ArtfulBits Solutions Configuration group
  • Click on Enter License button for certain product
  • FarmID will be displayed on License Management page under License Information section

    NOTE: By clicking on "Click here to get license" link you will be redirected to "Get Trial License" page with auto-filled FarmID

Method 2:

  • Download FarmInfo.zip (ArtfulBits utility for retrieving SharePoint FarmID)
  • Run it on your SharePoint Server

The application dialog will look like this: Retrieving SharePoint FarmID using ArtfulBits SharePoint Farm Info Tool

Method 3:

  • Run Windows PowerShell on your SharePoint Server as administrator
  • Type in the following command to set minimal reqired execution policy:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Hit "Enter" key to confirm default choice
  • Enter following commands one by one:
Output of commands execution will look like this: Retrieving SharePoint FarmID using Windows PoweShell script commands

How to convert ArtfulBits column to standard SharePoint column and back?

ArtfulBits Progress, Follow-Up, Category, DateTime and all ArtfulBits Lookups columns have "Conversion" feature.

ArtfulBits column can be converted from an existing SharePoint Column and can be converted to the standard SharePoint Column.

Convert from standard:
  • Try to add needed ArtfulBits Column as usual
  • On settings page expand "Column Conversion settings" section
  • In drop-down control choose which standard column will be converted to ArtfulBits Column (will be empty when list doesn’t have proper columns)
  • After selecting existing standard Column and clicking on “Covert” button - warring message will be shown
  • Click "OK", and standard Column will be converted to ArtfulBits column

Convert to standard:
  • Open settings page of existing ArtfulBits Column
  • Click on "Convert" button in Column Conversion section
  • Warring message will be shows, click “OK” button
  • ArtfulBits column will be converted to standard SharePoint Column

How to enable Datasheet view support?

To enable Datasheet view mode support, make sure that ArtfulBits Column site collection feature is activated.

For DateTime, Progress, Category and Follow-Up columns editing in Datasheet is enabled by default.

To enable column editing for Parent Selector, Cross-Site Lookup and Cascaded Lookup do the following:

  1. Open column settings page
  2. Go to "Datasheet Compatibility Mode" section
  3. Choose "Allow Editing" option to enable column content editing in Datasheet view

I received error: Unable to cast object of type
'System.Web.Configuration.ScriptingScriptResourceHandlerSection' to
type 'System.Web.Configuration.ScriptingScriptResourceHandlerSection'...

Possible reason of this issue is conflict in versions of System.Web.Extensions assembly.
To fix the problem, do the following steps:
  1. Backup web.config of your web-site
  2. Add following code into assemblyBinding section of your web.config file:
       <assemblyIdentity name="System.Web.Extensions" 
          culture="neutral" />
  3. Restart IIS service

How to upgrade ArtfulBits SharePoint product to newer version?

  1. Just download new version of product from our site
  2. Unzip files and run "Setup.exe"
  3. Follow wizard steps and select "Upgrade" option

NOTE: Upgrade operation is safe and doesn't affect on existing user data.

Is ArtfulBits SharePoint product update free of charge?

Yes. You can upgrade to newer version within the same major version number completely free of charge. For example, if you've purchased a license for any 1.xx product you can upgrade to any higher 1.yy version. Higher major version will be licensed separately. So, version 2.0 will need a new license.

How to check if AJAX is installed on a server?

  1. Open Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  2. Find System.Web.Extensions assembly

Which Lookup Column do I need?

See the following features comparison chart of ArtfulBits Lookup columns that helps you make the right choice:




Lookup data from lists cross-site within site collection
Lookup data from lists on the same site
Lookup data from the same list
Ajax support enabled
Supported JSLink
Single and multiple lookup
Parent-child relationships
Supported single-single, single-multi, multi-single and multi-multi relations
Unlimited number of cascading levels
Support lookup data from subfolders
Picker Dialog for searching items in lookup lists
Filtering retrieved data using existing list views
Supported default values
Adding items to source list via new item form
on the fly
Adding lookup items via inline entering
on the fly
Adding lookup items via New Item form
on the fly
Editing lookup items via Edit Item form
on the fly
Excluding own item from lookup list during item editing
Checking whether hierarchical data is non-cyclic
Datasheet view support, including edit mode
Conversion among "ArtfulBits Cascaded Lookup", "ArtfulBits Cross-Site Lookup", "ArtfulBits Parent Selector" columns and standard SharePoint "Lookup" column
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