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aiCharts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions List

How to install aiCharts package?

aiCharts distributed as ZIP archive which should be unziped before using it. Place content of ZIP archive into folder of your choice and then configure Eclipse (or other IDE) to proper locations.

How to apply license on aiCharts?

aiCharts distribution package contains trial license which allows easy testing of investigation of library. License file is located in root of distribution package and in each sample "ASSETS" folder into file with name "license.lic". When you buy aiCharts developer license, our server will create personal license for you and send it by e-mail. You should take license from sent e-mail and replace by it "license.lic" files in your solution.

How licensing mechanism works?

aiCharts uses simple license mechanism which is based on secure license key. When you want to use library in solution, you should embed license into solution resources. To do that, please complete two steps:

  1. Create "ASSETS" folder at the same level as "SRC" and "RES" folders located
  2. Copy provided "license.lic" file into this folder

On initialization, aiCharts library will check license file, decrypt its content, check its type and expiration date. In case of any violations Toast with error message will be shown on execution.
It is a mandatory requirement to distribute the license with your solutions. Fors keeping security on a high level, always sign your solutions by digital certificates/keys.

How to customize visual appearance?

Customization of charts view possible on several layers. First one is declarative way, when you in layout XML file set properties of chart, like background, forcing them to use drawables. This most common way you can find in most samples provided with library. Second way is runtime customization by custom code. Developer should write custom code which attach to chart engine and in runtime that code will be executed by engine giving opportunity to customize chart visual representation. Take a look into Annotations sample, which shows way of attaching custom drawing code.

How to apply custom color palette?

Charts library supports customization of visual colors, known as palettes. Palette is array of integer values each value in which represent ARGB color. Library will use colors from that array for drawing series of data and on each serie will select next color from palette array. When library reach last element in array it will start from the beginning of palette. We recommend to use 12 colored palettes in own solutions, such number of colors is the most optimal for use.

int[] targetPalette = ...;
chartView.getChart().setPalette(new ChartPalette(targetPalette));

How to find chart view on activity?

Easiest way is to find ChartView by it identifier which you specify in layout XML. Please take a look into any samples provided with library for working sample of code. Code should look like below:


How to place labels on graph?

In library exists several features that can help in getting required visual effect. First one is to use ChartPoint.setLabel API; Second is to create custom data series with labels; Third is to use annotations functionality. For each case you can find sample in library package.

Why Pie chart does not allow showing of other data series?

At the current stage of charts library implementation Pie charts allows showing only one serie of data. It's a limitation that should be eliminated in future releases. When required showing of several pies please create additional chart areas and set there required data serie for plotting.

How to setup aiCharts samples compilation?

All samples in aiCharts package configured for using Eclipse Classpath Variable: AICHARTS_LIB. Due to different configurations this variable have to be specified manually. Do following simple step to setup variable:

  1. Start Eclipse IDE
  2. Pull down the "Windows" menu
  3. Select "Preferences"
  4. Select Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables tree node
  5. Click on "New" button in "Classpath Varaibles" dialog
  6. Use "AICHARTS_LIB" as name (without quotes!)
  7. For "Path" value use your computer unique location where com.artfulbits.aiCharts.jar is placed.
  8. Click OK
  9. Click OK

After that all samples in aiCharts package will start to work.

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