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Public Folder Watcher - v2.00


Public Folder Watcher

Public Folder Watcher is an add-in for MicrosoftВ® OutlookВ®, that watches for new emails and new MicrosoftВ® Exchange Public Folders posts. Also it reminds of the unread messages, so that you will never miss ANY important email or post in Public Folders. Public Folder Watcher can watch for any folder containing emails or posts, and gives you notification whenever new items are added to the inbox or any other folder that you specify.

Public Folder Watcher is a unique set of functionality that makes possible to increase human productivity in processing e-mail messages in Outlook. Make human reaction on Outlook event/message mostly emmidiate and descrease response human time in times. Customers reports that after PFW add-in for Outlook installation they start to spent less time on finding posts, tracking changes of posts inside Exchange Public Folders and there response time on any event decreased to 1-2 minutes, instead of 15 minutes in past.

Why Do I Need It

Public Folder Watcher delivers notifications immediately after the email is delivered to your mailbox or post is saved into Public Folder. This allows you to react on email as fast as possible and also you will never open Outlook again just to look for the new emails or post in Public Folders - this will definitely save your time. Also you will never miss anything important even if you were away while the email or post arrived - the list of the unread emails and posts will be shown by the Public Folder Watcher automatically.
Public Folder Watcher is a must have add-in for Outlook if you are manager, part of support staff or any other position where the response time is critical.
If you are still not sure if you do personally need it, then you should try it for free for a month - you will definitely get a full version after trial period.

Why Do My Company Need It

Using Public Folder Watcher you can turn your Microsoft Exchange server into local forum, into a news server or even a local knowledge base - all new post are delivered to the client computers immediately and Public Folder Watcher displays notifications on that - you won't be able to get such notifications from Outlook itself. Even if you do not use Public Folders - you can always send critically important email to your coworkers knowing that they will definitely see the notification of it.
So when you buy Public Folder Watcher - you will save more money than you spend on it. BTW - we have volume discounts in case you need lot of licenses.


  • MicrosoftВ® SharePointВ® Folders monitoring. Notification of new Tasks, new Calendar Events and new Documents  new
  • Notification of new posts in Public Folders
  • Notification of new e-mails
  • Reminds of unread posts and emails
  • Notifications by sound
  • Outlook native visual style
  • Notifications fade in and fade out smoothly
  • Configurable list of the folders to be watched
  • Resolves problems when some old posts become unread
  • VPN environment support
  • Terminal services support
  • Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 support
  • Multi-monitors environment support

System Requirements

  • MicrosoftВ® WindowsВ® 2000/XP/VistaВ®/7, Windows Server Family (2000 and higher)
  • Outlook 2000 or later
  • MicrosoftВ® .NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • MicrosoftВ® SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 optional


Item Version Size
MSI is complete installation of Public Folder Watcher product. For application running required .NET Framework 2.0 or higher (highly recommended to install latest version of the .NET Framework). For enabling all features of PFW, like: ReadDB, required installation of additional package - SQL Server Compact for Desktops.
2.0.1 660Kb

Releases History

v2.0 Release (May 21, 2010)
  • Changes: Easy Localization. All texts are stored in INI files which is easy to understand and translate.
  • Added: Move To "Spam Folder" button/icon into notification window. You can move item into unwanted without openning it.
  • Added: Support of SharePoint folders. Now PFW tracking folders published by MS SharePoint.
  • Improvements: Greatly improved stability. In total more then 30 fixes that improve performance and stability.
  • Improvements: Greatly improved memory usage. Instead of memory dataset used in previous version now used SQL Server Compact edition, that decrease memory usage in more then 10 times.
  • Improvements: More user customization added.
  • Added: Automatic update implemented. Now you will not have to bother yourself with the manual reinstalling of the Public Folder Watcher just to have some minor fixes - such updates will be delivered automatically.
  • Added: On-line Trial key request implemented. No more browsing the web just to acquire the trial key - now you can get it right in the registration form.
  • Added: Sound-notifications implemented. Now the notification can be heard.
  • Added: Key activation introduced. Now every key can be used by you even if it has been stolen.
  • New: Volume discounts introduced. You should pay less when you get more.
  • Added: Smart detection of the ReadDB importance implemented. No more folders scanning dialogs - some extra-features will be turned on only if we detect that you need them.
  • Changes: Fading animations smoothness and quality improved.
  • Changes: Slow connection detection has been greatly improved.
  • Changes: Slow connection notification implemented.
  • Changes: Empty list of the unread items is shown if you click on the Rescan folders button and nothing new is found.
  • Fixed: Windows 2000 and Windows XP Classic theme support improved.
  • Fixed: Lot of minor issues fixed.
  • Fixed: Stability improved.
  • Fixed: Usability improved.
Public Folder Watcher 1.52.0
  • New Public Folder Watcher includes a wealth of functionality, including a multilingual support for English and Russian users with other localizations coming up soon.
  • In 1.52.0 the process of scanning folders at the first launch can be hidden. Or, you can put it off – in this case the re-scan of folders will be delayed until the next launch and there will be an opportunity to disable some unnecessary folders.
  • When the terminal is used, you can disable notifications.
  • New Public Folder Watcher will automatically stop monitoring the folders with slow access when the connection is slow or when working in VPN.
  • New to 1.52.0 is support for group policies. Customers can get more information about it when they buy a corporate license.
  • During the first three minutes after the launch of Microsoft Outlook, Public Folder Watcher will not monitor the availability of new messages, so you can get all mail in the morning and read all messages at once without any notifications about them.


Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or fill in the on-line support form to leave your comments about the product.

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