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TrackStudio Scheduler Service Configuration

TrackStudio Configuration

I'll try to make description short as possible. If you have any problems with configuration please don't hesitate to ask our support team. Thanks.

So first point is configure TrackStudio Custom Fields. Good start point for beginners is TrackStudio Manual.

  • Login into TrackStudio as ROOT (administrator account);
  • Select root tree node;
  • Open menu Current Task #1 and select Custom Fields...;
  • click on Create Custom Field link to open web form if it not opened;
  • create first custom field:
  1. Type : Date
  2. Name : Schedule Start
  • create Schedule End field: type - Date, name - Schedule End;
  • create Schedule Parameters: type - String, name - Schedule Params;
  • create Schedule Type: type - List, name - Schedule Type;
After these steps you have to see something like that:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Custom configuration has only Schedule Type field. Configure it according to image below.

(Click on image to enlarge)

How to extract Custom Fields Unique IDs

Unique ID can be extracted from URL. To do this follow those steps:

  1. Goto Custom Fields (Current Task #1234 -> Custom Fields)
  2. Select required field from list
  3. open it editing in another TAB without treeview frame
  4. URL path will contains udfId=8a8a80941470224a0114890b93d20a47 part.
Parameter UdfId XML Config Variable
Schedule Start udfId=8a8a80941470224a0114890b53000a30 udf_startDate_id
Schedule End udfId=8a8a80941470224a0114890b93d20a47 udf_endDate_id
Schedule Params udfId=8a8a80941470224a0114890e7dea0a7a udf_parameters_id
Schedule Type udfId=8a8a80941470224a0114890c23fc0a5e udf_scheduling_id

Place extracted values into scheduling configuration file.

How to extract Custom Field enumeration Unique IDs

  1. Open editing of the Schedule Type field.
  2. Switch view to the tab: List Of Values.
  3. Select in Browser View Page Source
  4. Find in HTML section analog to shown below
Item Name Unique ID XML Config Variable
00 - None value(8a8a80941470224a0114890c41e40a75) none_id
01 - Once value(8a8a80941470224a0114890c603a0a76) once_id
02 - Daily value(8a8a80941470224a0114890c77d90a77) daily_id
03 - Weekly value(8a8a80941470224a0114890c95150a78) weekly_id
04 - Monthly value(8a8a80941470224a0114890cb4840a79) monthly_id

Place extracted values into scheduling configuration file.

How to extract Statuses and Resolution IDs

Parameter Name Description
status_closed_id ID of the task status that will be associated by scheduler with CLOSED state.
status_reopen_id ID of the task status that will be associated by scheduler with REOPENED state.
resolution_reopen_id ID of the Message Resolution that we set when REOPENing task.
reopen_message Text that will be placed by scheduler into REOPEN message

Message State
(Click on image to enlarge)


Message State
(Click on image to enlarge)

Resolution State
(Click on image to enlarge)

From URLs you can extract required IDs, resolution we extract from HTML code (example can be found upper).

Item Name Unique ID XML Config Variable
08 - Close mstatusId= 8a8a80c90aac4d90010aad90683a0342 status_closed_id
05 - Resolve mstatusId= 8a8a80c90aac4d90010aad8fd14a032e status_closed_id
07 - Reopen mstatusId= 8a8a80c90aac4d90010aad900c7e0338 status_reopen_id
REOPENED value(resolution-8a8a80940c33b7c8010c33bc86cc000a) resolution_reopen_id

Scheduling configuration file

XML Config Parameters description

Parameter Name Description
bts_server URL path to the TrackStudio server. Example: http://websrv.artfulbits.com:8888
bts_user_name TrackStudio User that have to be used by Scheduler service. In most cases required admin rights
bts_user_password TrackStudio User password
bts_connection_string TrackStudio Database connection string. Required by Scheduler for more optimal execution.
db_page_size Scheduling extracting data from database by pages. Quantity of pages configured by this parameter.
We choose how many items extracted from DB on one call. Greater number decrease quantity of DB queries execution,
but increase time for page processing. Default: 100.
check_period time in milliseconds that define how often scheduler will check Database data. Default 5 minutes.
Increasing of value reducing Server CPU load but increase delta time between scheduling and it real execution time.


Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or fill in the on-line support form to leave your comments about the product.

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