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Android Localizer - v1.5 updated


aiLocalizer for Android Applications

Android Localizer is a simple application written with use of .NET Framework 2.0. It's main goal is to simplify localization of the application as much as possible, give user and developer a new tool that helps in localization providing.

Application is very simple and has smallest learning curve. So even end user of the application can use it even without any deep technical skills.

With help of that tool our team make Ukrainian localization for Android Cupcake branch. It helps us and we want to help others too.


  • Automatic Translate (Google Translate) NEW!!!
  • Google Translate works now over JSON NEW!!!
  • Grid font become changeable NEW!!!
  • Stability improved NEW!!!
  • Remember last opened application for localization
  • Create new localization folder by copying "original" values
  • Edit values
  • Edit arrays
  • Save result in XML with original localization in comments
  • Create backup file of localization
  • Browsing in localization XML as in folders structure
  • Add localization key or array item
  • Delete XML files directly from GUI


aiLocalizer main screen aiLocalizer main screen aiLocalizer win screen
aiLocalizer main screen aiLocalizer main screen aiLocalizer win screen


For application work required Windows OS and .NET Framework 2.0 or higher. Please check that before posting any feedback to us.

Q: How auto translation works? NEW!!!
A: Select elements in grid which you want to translate and press "Auto translate" button on toolbar. If language on which you are working known to Google Translate service then application will start in background element by element translate selections. In any moment you can cancel that operation.

Q: After translation instead of unicode symbols I saw white boxes, what to do? NEW!!!
A: That often happens due to usage of fonts that does not support properly you localization symbols. To solve this open "Options" of application and change font to proper one. Application will remember your choice for future.

Q: Application fails all the time, what to do?
A: Application on fall shows message box to you and save the same information into LOG file. LOG file can be found in application folder. Please send us that LOG file and we will try to fix problem ASAP.

Q: How to create skipped elements?
A: At the current moment application does not support <skip/> tag. You should wait next release or modify sources of the project;

Q: Application searching for "notepad++.exe", but I don't have it. How to fix that?
A: You have two choices. change external editor settings or install Notepad++, First: Application has "aiLocalization.exe.config" file; In it you have to find section "ExternalEditor" and place there editor on your choice. Second: go by link Notepad++ and download it.

Q: I saw that application has customized Copyright in output XML. How to change it?
A: You have to edit application configuration file "aiLocalization.exe.config" and find in it section "Copyright".

Q: I set application folder correctly but tool does not recognize my Android project, what to do?
A: Application is searching for "AndroidManifest.xml" file in project. If application can not find it then it think that project does not belong to Android sources at all. So please check file existence.


Please contact our Android Team if you have any questions or fill in the on-line support form to leave your comments about the product.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided over on-line forums only. We will try to keep response time short as possible. ArtfulBits Company will try to satisfy all customer's needs in shortest possible time, because we understand how important is for you every minute. We guaranty response in 48 hours (with only one exception - Ukrainian National Holidays. During holidays period response time can take up to 72 hours.)

Anyway, all of our customers will get feedback. Our team will try to help you as fast as they can.

Support Forum


aiLocalizer win screen

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