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ArtfulBits Android Products


aiCharts - v1.7


aiCharts (Android Charts) is a developer library that provides professional charting engine for all kind of applications. It's designed especially for Android OS, optimized for: battery, memory and CPU usage. aiCharts is the number one professional charts solution for Android platform. Professional Technical Support, samples and tutorials, subscription etc. - makes library usage and integration an easy task for any developer. Concentrate your efforts on your own tasks, don't spent time on "inventing"-wheel. Read More

aiSystemWidget - v1.5.1


"System Monitor Widget" is an advanced system monitoring application that covers geeks curiosity: "How system works?", "How it consumes own resources?", "What hardware do I have?", "How can I improve system performance?" and of course it comes with couple advanced reporting capabilities. All these features are bundled in a smart Android home screen widget. On widget tap you will explore application reporting system: network traffic monitoring - WiFi and GPRS/EDGE/3G, Battery usage, CPU/memory usage, hardware information and running processes. All these metrics you can watch in runtime and record for future analysis. Read More

aiFlashlight - v2.0.0


aiFlashlight is a geek toy which shows new possibilities and advanced features of innovative Android platform. It's a toy, but at the same time it is designed for a real world use. aiFlashlight offers not only a Lighter, but also a set of useful tools like Morse code, Spectrum Lights, Emergency Lights, Police Car lights, Fire Truck Lights and more. All features are well customized in one finger touch. You can change brightness, colors and repeat intervals. Application is highly optimized for minimal battery and phone resources consumption. Read More

aiPhotoFrame - v1.0


aiPhotoFrame is yet another application that makes your phone more useful than ever before. Many developers claim that screensaver for mobile devices is nonsense. And from one side they are right, because it is not the same as a screensaver on desktop computer. Due to nature of energy saving problem, screensavers were first designed as power saver, later they became a new attribute of life for every computer user. Screensavers now shows weather, pictures or even animated underwater world. In mobile world, screensaver is rather a nice picture that is shown during phone idle process, but this is wrong - we should save battery! What to do? Read More

aiCurrency - v1.0.0


aiCurrency (Android Currency) is a currency converter for 203 currencies. It uses exchanges rates provided by Yahoo Finance, National Bank of Ukraine and European Central Bank. It contains wide range of features like automatic updates of exchange rates, multiple currencies conversions and desired decimal precision (from 0 to 5 decimals). The currency converter allows also examine the exchange rates for last three months from the date of the last update. Such wide range of services will be helpful everyday. Read More

RRD for Android - v1.0

RRD for Android

RRD4Android is a adoption of well known RRD4J library (JRobin, RRDTool). It's not a simple re-compilation for Android, we did next step in library development - we highly optimize library for Android environment. We re-write low level classes to provide highest possible performance for library and we provide integration with graph engine that helps to visualize collected data.
RRD4Android refers to Round Robin Database tool. Round robin is a technique that works with a fixed amount of data, and a pointer to the current element. Think of a circle with some dots plotted on the edge, these dots are the places where data can be stored. Read More

SNMP for Android - v1.0

SNMP for Android

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a UDP-based network protocol. It is used mostly in network management systems to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. SNMP is a component of the Internet Protocol Suite as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It consists of a set of standards for network management, including an application layer protocol, a database schema, and a set of data objects.
SNMP exposes management data in the form of variables on the managed systems (Slaves), which describe the system configuration. These variables can then be queried (and sometimes set) by managing applications (Masters). Read More


aiPrototyping - v1.3


aiPrototyping (Android GUI Prototyping Stencils) is a set of Microsoft Visio stencils that can be used for Android GUI prototyping. Originally was designed for easy prototyping on project planning phase, when required understanding of GUI scope and defining estimations is required. At the current moment stencils contain set of Android GUI elements that allows project manager to complete task of GUI prototyping in several minutes or hours instead of weeks. Read More

aiMinesweeper - v3.1.2 & Skins


aiMinesweeper (Android Minesweeper Game) is a stylish classic game for Android OS mobile platform. aiMinesweeper is a mobile version of one of best logic single-player games ever made. The game is still very popular among players of different age and social origin. Our version is classic, "old school" version of that game. All we added to it is our love, style and time. Read More

aiLocalizer - v1.5


aiLocalizer (Android Applications Localizer Utility) is utility application for Windows that helps developers of Android applications to create localization for specific country and region. Features like "automatic translation", that use Google Translation service, make process of localization easy and fast. Using this tool developer can apply localization in several minutes. Read More




aiFinance (Android Personal Finances) is application that helps to control of your finances any time. aiFinance combines all your financial information in one place, tracks your incomes and expenses, helps optimize personal financial state and achieve greater benefits. Create explanatory reports of how and where you spend money. One month of tracking gives better understanding of personal financial state and helps in optimization of budgets. Read More



aiCar (Personal Car Manager) is a commercial application that helps to track all financial information regarding your car and keeps history of your car and performance. How much gas do you spent? How often is your car washed? How much money do you spent on parking? How much money do you spent on technical services? Read More

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