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Android Charts - v1.7

Why aiCharts for Android?


Android Chart Engine - aiCharts, is number one on Java charts market, designed and optimized for Android. It gives developer enormous advantage in compare to other Java charts engines which potentially can support Android. Native support of Android development environment, easy installation, complete set of tutorials and samples - all that makes integration with aiCharts simple whenever.

In several simple lines of code developers can achieve integration with charts. In few easy steps they can customize charts according to own application style. Modern visual representation of data gives freedom of creativeness and adds time for other important tasks. Great number of visual effects, transparency and custom drawing are supported.

Data binding make process of data visualization easy and fast, allowing filtering and attaching of several most common data formats, like: XML, arrays and database.

Support of XML templates made process of customization even easier then you can expect. Simple XML file with customizations can be placed in project and loaded when required data visualization. Several simple lines of code will remove all previous customization problems.

Technical support with subscription option guaranties that aiCharts will cover 100% of your use cases, will be fine tuned for your application, and will have all demanded features.

Tested on real hardware: Android G1 and G2, HTC Tattoo and Sony Ericsson x10 phones.

100% Managed Code

Right now aiCharts is the only one professional solution for Android. aiCharts is optimized for use on mobile devices. Low memory and CPU consumption allow long phone battery life. aiCharts aware of all mobile platform limitations and makes you forget about them.

aiCharts does not use any low level native libraries and is 100% safe for Android OS users, as it runs in completely safe managed environment of Dalvik Java VM.

Supported Chart Types

Android chart engine - aiCharts, provides set of the most used chart types:

This set of chart types are enough for most of financial and general purpose applications.

Currently we provide support only for 2D charts. 3D charts are being developed right now.

Advanced Visual Customization

aiCharts customization provides freedom for your creativeness. Library provides several layers of customization. One of them is declarative. You can attach drawables (images) from Android application resources to layout XMLs in standard Android way. Second is real-time approach, which allows attaching of custom code during drawing: developer has full access to all aspects of drawing. Greatest freedom is in combination of code and style, so visual templates is third way of customization. You can create XML templates defining style and layout for visual representation of data, which are easily applied in one line of code making this way most preferable for customizations.

Release summary

  • Improved licensing
  • Chart look and feel enhancements
  • Improved user interactions
  • Performance and CPU utilization improvements

New features

  • New API to process gesture events (scrolling)
  • Ability to rotate labels
  • Added scrollbars
  • New ability to customize chart rendering
  • Ability to control of axis labels generation
  • Misc of new API to customize chart


  • Improved area types rendering - new border style
  • Improved pie chart rendering
  • Improved HiLoOpenClose type - ability to hide open or close line
  • Improved legend customization - new layout mode, ability to customize default item generation
  • Improved line type rendering - ability to display points in unsorted order
  • Improved axis labels rendering - automatically hide overlaped labels
  • Improved chart perfomance

Backward incompatible changes

  • LegendItemsProvider renamed to ChartLegenedAdapter
  • ChartSeries.SerieIconCell cell replaced by ChartSeries.IconDrawable drawable
  • ChartTypes class now use classes of chart types instead of instances to setup series type.
  • ChartAxis.setLabelsMode replaced ChartAxis.setLabelAdapter method
  • Grid lines draw only for against aixs labels1


Operating Systems: Android 1.5
Android 1.6
Android 2.1 and higher
Note: can't be incompatible with custom firmware
Developer Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Linux Ubuntu 9.10
IDE: Eclipse 3.6 or higher
Buld Environment: Latest JDK, ANT, Eclipse
Supported Screen Resolutions: QVGA
Tested Devices: HTC G1 Dream
HTC G2 Magic
HTC Hero
HTC Tattoo
HTC Sensation
Sony Ericsson x10i
Motorola Droid
Motorola Xoom
Galaxy Tab
Nexus One



aiCharts Demo Application aiCharts Demo Application aiCharts Financial Demo Application
aiCharts Demo Application aiCharts Demo Application aiCharts Financial Demo Application
aiCharts Demo Application - Lines aiCharts Demo Application - Columns aiCharts with SNMP and RRD
aiCharts inside aiSystemWidget product aiCharts inside aiSystemWidget product aiCharts inside aiCurrency product
aiCharts inside aiSystemWidget product aiCharts inside aiSystemWidget product aiCharts inside aiCurrency product


Samples difficulty varies from simplest explaining how to create charts of different types to complex solutions accompanied by detailed descriptions and screenshots, which explain how to create and integrate applications with aiCharts. Follow those tutorials and we assure that you will get results faster and easier than expected.

On-line Samples

On-line Documentation

On-line documentation with samples and tutorials gives to developers all they need for applying easy integration and providing support for applications with aiCharts. We try to cover all aspects of aiCharts usage in on-line documentation. It it's updated often, so and you can expect major differences with the documentation included in distribution package.

On-line Documentation

Technical Support

Technical support is provided for all customers, but priorities are given to subscription members. If you need fast feedback, access to the internal bug tracking system, latest fixes, nightly builds then you should consider subscription. That guarantees that customer's requests are reviewed and resolved as soon as possible and solutions and/or patches are accessible before the release of next milestone.

Anyway, all of our customers will get feedback. Our team will try to satisfy all customer's needs for better aiCharts.

On-line Forum


aiCharts Fancy graph

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