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aiCharts - First Android Developers Library

In July a Ukraine-based IT company ArtfulBits has announced release of aiCharts, a charting framework for Android devices.

ArtfulBits aiCharts for Android is the first professional solution on charts market for this very popular and highly innovative platform. The product is intended for software developers that will be able to use aiCharts as an easily integrating part of their applications which will allow representing and visualizing charts of different kind.

aiCharts is the complete framework that allows a programmer to enhance applications with perfect interactive charts quickly and easily. This component provides excellent visual experience with flexible customization abilities. It is developed specially for Android platform and compatible with Android version 1.1 and higher.

aiCharts visualize wide range of financial, business, engineering, and mathematical charts. User-friendly interface and clear tutorials allow quick start of the new component using and facilitate process of integration. A modern visual representation of data will contribute to making perfect graphic interface. aiCharts gives developers freedom of creativeness and will help to save time for other important tasks.

ArtfulBits, a company that made aiCharts, has already proved its competence as a developer tools and components creator. More than 4 years of intensive implementation of components for .NET platform gave a company deep experience and awareness of developer's needs. Many ArtfulBits partners became very successful using its products. In 2008 ArtfulBits met all the requirements for achieving Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.

In the same year, the company launched new department to support innovative platform for mobile devices - Google Android. The company planed active creation of solutions intended to provide several libraries for developing rich interface applications (Android Charts, Android Financial Grid, Android UI Tools, Android Reporting, Android Back Office) and to provide applications in Personal Finance and for everyday use (aiTorrent, aiSafe, aiInventory and others).

The company believes that highly innovative Android OS that has outstanding potential and enormous community is the best application of the ArtfulBits developers' knowledge and experience.

ArtfulBits has already created several products for Google Android platform. The most popular of them is Android GUI prototyping stencils for Visio, which de-facto is a standard of prototyping tools. It helps developers to prototype graphic interface of their Android applications, make them more attractive, improve usability and save time and money doing it. Android GUI prototyping stencils became so popular among the programmers that this tool was downloaded from the ArtfulBits site more than ten thousand times.

aiCharts is the next ArtfulBits product designed and optimized for Android. This fact makes using aiCharts more preferable than installing other Java charts engines that potentially can support Android. Native support of Android development environment makes aiCharts more reliable, contributes easy installation and excellent functioning. aiCharts does not use any low level native libraries and is 100% safe for Android OS users, as it runs in completely safe managed environment of Dalvik Java VM.

As the aiCharts was intended to be used on Android-powered handsets, its developers took into consideration CPU speed and memory capacity of mobile devices. Perfectly optimized aiCharts overcomes these limitations successfully. It was tested on Android G1 and G2 phones and showed excellent performance.

Data binding facilitate process of data visualization and allows filtering and attaching of several most popular data formats such as XML, arrays and database. Support of XML templates contributes fast and easy customization. Simple XML file with customizations can be placed in project and loaded when required data visualization.

Several simple lines of code are enough to achieve integration with charts. With a new tool, developers will be able to customize charts according to their own application style in few easy steps.

aiCharts provides several layers of customization. One of them is declarative. It is intended to attach images from Android application resources to layout XMLs in standard Android way. Second is a real-time approach, which allows adding of custom code during drawing: a developer has full access to all aspects of drawing. The possibility to make a combination of code and style gives a programmer the greatest freedom, so visual templates is the third way of customization. Moreover a developer can create XML templates defining style and layout for visual representation of data, which are easily applied in one line of code making this way most preferable for customizations.

aiCharts may be used for visualizing and data presentation of different kinds of charts. At the present time it supports the following types: Line, Spline, Point, Bubble, Column, Stack Column, Stack Column 100%, Bar, Stack Bar, Stack bar 100%, Area, Spline Area, Stack Area, Stack Area 100%, Pie, Polar, HiLoCandlestick, Funnel, Pyramid.

The above-named chart types are enough for any financial and general-purpose applications. At the moment the new component supports only 2D charts. 3D charts are being currently developed.

aiCharts is provided with tutorials, on-line documentation and technical support that will help to overcome any difficulties that may occur while using this tool.

Tutorials include a number of samples varying from the simplest excerpts that describe how to create different chart types to complex solutions with understandable explanations and screenshots, which show how to create and integrate applications with aiCharts.

On-line documentation with samples and tutorials gives developers all the necessary information for applying easy integration and providing support for applications with aiCharts. The creators tried to make on-line documentation as complete as possible in order to cover all the aspects of aiCharts usage. As company assures on-line documentation will be updated frequently, so there might be differences between on-line documentation and documentation included in distribution package.

Technical support is designed to assist all the users that are confronted with difficulties using aiCharts and priorities will be given to subscription members. Subscription guarantees fast feedback, access to the internal bug tracking system and latest solutions; all the problems that may occur will be observed and solved as soon as possible and solutions and/or patches will be available before the release of next version. aiCharts creators assure that all the users will get feedback and ArtfulBits team will do everything possible in order to meet customers' demands and to perfect aiCharts.

aiCharts was designed to contribute development of Android applications. It will help programmers to invest into their own application's features list instead of spending valuable time on inventing charting components. This opportunity seems to be even more interesting considering recently announced ADC 2 (Android Developer Challenge 2) launched by Google aiming to support developers in their efforts. Android Developer Challenge will provide awards for the best mobile applications built on the Android platform.

According to the terms of the contest developers will submit their applications to one of 10 specially designated categories. The submission site will open in early August. With help of a special ADC 2 judging application that will be available at Android Market users of Android devices will be able to download, evaluate and score programs submitted to the contest. Besides, several judges chosen by Google will evaluate the applications too. 60% of a final result will be defined by their decision and community vote will constitute 40%. 31 August the submission site will be closed.

High percent that will give community during evaluation add additional requirement to all candidates: it is very important to provide attractive product with modern visual design.

aiCharts is an accomplished and ready to use tool that will help developers to perfect their applications, to improve usability and to make graphic interface more interesting and usable; it will give an extra advantage to developers giving them more chances to succeed.

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