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Add Charts to Your Android and BlackBerry Apps, Effortlessly

ArtfulBits has released aiCharts for Android and aiCharts for BlackBerry, a pair of software developers' libraries that let you easily add professional charts and graphs to your smartphone apps. Instead of requiring weeks to develop specialized charts, the software lets you add a few simple lines of code to your apps, and create customized charts that fit your program's style and interface. aiCharts is ideal for producing financial, data analysis, engineering, and general business charts.

The Android Chart Engine is designed and optimized for Android. The software is Java-based, and delivers native support of the Android development environment, easy installation, comprehensive tutorials, and a rich selection of samples. aiCharts for Android supports many visual effects, transparency, and custom drawing. Data binding makes the process of data visualization easy and fast, allowing filtering and attaching of several of the most common data formats, including XML, arrays, and database.

The software's integration with XML templates greatly simplifies chart creation for the software developer. Add an XML file to your project, and load it when you need to visualize your data. aiCharts does not use any low level native libraries, and is 100% safe for Android OS users because it runs in the completely managed environment of Dalvik Java VM.

The software has been rigorously tested on real hardware, including Android G1 and G2, HTC Tattoo, Sony Ericsson x10 phones, Galaxy Tab, and Motorola Xoom devices. aiCharts has low memory requirements, and uses very little CPU resources, allowing end-users to enjoy long battery life, even for apps that display a lot of charts.

aiCharts for BlackBerry is a professional charting engine that is designed especially for the RIM BlackBerry OS. The library is optimized for battery, memory, and CPU usage.

Like the Android version, aiCharts for BlackBerry lets developers become productive immediately. The technical support, samples, and tutorials make it simple to integrate the library into any BlackBerry app. The BlackBerry library is written in 100 percent pure Java, and application developers can be confident that memory and resources required for the library will be properly cleared by BlackBerry OS. The APIs for the Android and BlackBerry libraries are 99% identical. This API design lets developers learn to use the software once, and then use it on both mobile platforms.

Whether you're a first-time developer for the Android or BlackBerry platforms and you want to add sophisticated charts to your apps, or you're a smartphone development veteran who wants a simple, consistent way to add professional graphics to all of your mobile apps, aiCharts for Android and aiCharts for BlackBerry have the tools that you need.

Single-user licenses for aiCharts for Android or for aiCharts for BlackBerry sell for $299(US) each. Subscriptions and multi-user discounts are available.

Subscribers receive a free chart design service. Simply send ArtfulBits a screenshot of the chart that you wish to include in your Android or BlackBerry project, and the company's design professionals will send you the source code that builds a chart that closely matches your design selection. Subscribers are also encouraged to participate in the aiCharts beta test program. Current beta testers have access to the extensive library of 3D charts that will be part of the next release of aiCharts.

You can download 30-day trial versions of each product. aiCharts for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone/iPad are currently under development.

For more information, visit http://www.artfulbits.com/products/android/aicharts.aspx

About ArtfulBits

Since 2005, ArtfulBits has been producing and marketing software for developers and for end-users. In addition to aiCharts for Android and aiCharts for BlackBerry, the company also offers a wide range of developer libraries, developer tools, and applications for Microsoft SharePoint, Android, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and web development environments.

ArtfulBits' is based in Germany, with additional offices in the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. To learn more about ArtfulBits, visit http://www.artfulbits.com/.

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