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Visit Ukraine with Lviv Region Guide

Main tourist objects, routes and infrastructure of Lviv, Ukraine The application was created for attracting more tourists and providing all necessary information to make their travel comfortable in Lviv region.

This project was developed in cooperation with the Department of International Cooperation and Tourism of Lviv Regional State Administration in the frames of the Programme of Tourism and Resorts of Lviv region in 2014-2017 years.

Lviv Region Guide application contains useful information for the tourists travelling to Lviv region on their own. Specifically: most prominent tourist objects, tourist routes and all tourist infrastructure of Lviv region.

Other than just reading the information about a certain tourist object, a tourist can locate it on the map and visually explore it with the help of the image gallery.

Castles, Temples and Attractions

Useful information for tourists Application contains an extensive information about all sorts of the places that can be of interest for Lviv visitors: resorts, museums and theaters, temples and cloisters, castles and palaces and many other prominent places. Highly user-friendly screen allows easy navigation through the most important information associated with each object: photo gallery, address, website and contact information, short description.

Certainly a user can share his/her favourite place with the friends on the social networks.

As the project is constantly developing, our team is planning to implement soon a possibility to add your own pictures associated with the certain place. Just imagine visiting some ancient castle in Lviv! Your best pictures may become a good story for your friends. You just click, add new image and save this particular place in "Favourites".

Travelling by Ukraine has never been so exciting!


Easy navigation for user Bus, bike and pedestrian routes are certainly the most outstanding feature of this application. Even the most picky visitor will be able to find a suitable route and all related information.

Each route is created from the related objects, like "Golden Horseshoe" route that is created upon the three medieval castles. Each route can be found on the map with all its objects there. You can just choose you route and browse to the map in order to start travelling to its first object.

Pedestrian and bike routes in the forest or mountains are extremely hard to display via Google Maps as there are usually very few pedestrian and cycle roads at all. However we provided very detailed path for each route by combining Google Earth and Google Maps technologies.

And we are also planning to add a unique feature for all users - creating your own route! Can you imagine it? You will be able to explore Lviv and Lviv region by yourself and then just create a route out of it and share it with your best friends!

Infrastructure of the Region

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and bars, pubs and pizzerias, railroad, bus and air centers - an extensive information that you will certainly need is available via the application.

You can even filter out the restaurants or hotels by the price range. And, by the way, you can set up the distance of the search - all objects of your choice within 1 mile of your location, for example.

Navigation is easy enough and at the same time pleasant. And even though, Lviv Tourist Guide won't substitute an application of the specific hotel or the restaurant, but it is certainly the most useful, advertisement free application that will be indispensable during your travel.

Lviv Region is a miraculous adventure with Lviv Region Guide

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