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Class ChartStackedBarType

java.lang.Object com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Base.ChartType com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Types.ChartStackedColumnType com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Types.ChartStackedBarType

Declaration: public class ChartStackedBarType extends ChartStackedColumnType


Represents Stacked Bar chart type. A stacked bar chart displays multiple series stacked on top of one another horizontally.Using a stacked bar chart is an effective way to present the absolute values of data points represented by the segments of each bar, as well as the total value represented by data points from each series stacked in a bar.
 // Creating series.
 ChartSeries series1 = new ChartSeries("Series 1", ChartTypes.StackedBar);
 ChartSeries series2 = new ChartSeries("Series 2", ChartTypes.StackedBar);
 // Filling series with 10 data points.
 for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
 	series1.getPoints().addXY(i, Math.cos(i));
 	series2.getPoints().addXY(i, Math.sin(i));
Stacked bar type uses USAGE_Y type to determine index of corresponding Y value among chart point's Y values.


Since: 1.0



Constructors Summary



Methods Summary
boolean isRotated()
Indicates whether this type requires X and Y axes swapping.


Methods inherited from class: com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Types.ChartStackedColumnType
draw, isOriginDependent, isSideBySide, isStacked


Methods inherited from class: com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Base.ChartType
colorPerPoint, computeXRange, computeYRange, drawIcon, drawMarkers, getRequiredCoordinateSystem, getXRange, getYRange, isCompatible, isCompatible, isStacked100


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equals, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait







public ChartStackedBarType( )







public boolean isRotated( )


[ description from ChartType.isRotated() ]
Indicates whether this type requires X and Y axes swapping.


true if this chart type is rotated, otherwise false.


Overrides: ChartType.isRotated()



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