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Class ChartStackedAreaType

java.lang.Object com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Base.ChartType com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Types.ChartStackedAreaType

Declaration: public class ChartStackedAreaType extends com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Base.ChartType
Direct Subclasses: ChartStackedArea100Type


Represents Stacked Area chart type. Stacked area is an area chart with Y values stacked over one another, in series order.
 // Creating series.
 ChartSeries series1 = new ChartSeries("Series 1", ChartTypes.StackedArea);
 ChartSeries series2 = new ChartSeries("Series 2", ChartTypes.StackedArea);
 // Filling series with 10 data points.
 for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
 	series1.getPoints().addXY(i, Math.cos(i));
 	series2.getPoints().addXY(i, Math.sin(i));
Stacked area type uses USAGE_Y type to determine index of corresponding Y value among chart point's Y values.


Since: 1.0



Constructors Summary



Methods Summary
void draw(ChartRenderArgs args)
Draws this chart type on surface specified along.
boolean isOriginDependent()
Indicates whether this type depends on axis origin value.
boolean isStacked()
Indicates whether it type is stacked.


Methods inherited from class: com.artfulbits.aiCharts.Base.ChartType
colorPerPoint, computeXRange, computeYRange, drawIcon, drawMarkers, getRequiredCoordinateSystem, getXRange, getYRange, isCompatible, isCompatible, isRotated, isSideBySide, isStacked100


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public ChartStackedAreaType( )







public boolean isStacked( )


[ description from ChartType.isStacked() ]
Indicates whether it type is stacked. Stacked charts show the relationship of parts to the whole. Stacked charts offer similar complexity to clustered series by adding together component value items within or area.


true if this type is stacked, otherwise false.


Overrides: ChartType.isStacked()






public boolean isOriginDependent( )


[ description from ChartType.isOriginDependent() ]
Indicates whether this type depends on axis origin value.


true if chart type consumes value of origin to draw, otherwise false.


Overrides: ChartType.isOriginDependent()






public void draw( ChartRenderArgs args)


[ description from ChartType.draw(ChartRenderArgs) ]
Draws this chart type on surface specified along.


instance of ChartRenderArgs that provides facilities to draw this type.


Implements: ChartType.draw(ChartRenderArgs)



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