Contains all predefined chart types that used to render series on area thrown by aiCharts.


ChartAreaType Represents Area chart type. 
ChartBarType Represents Bar chart type. 
ChartBubbleType Represents Bubble chart type. 
ChartCandleStickType Represents Candle Stick chart type. 
ChartColumnType Represents Column chart type. 
ChartDoughnutType Represents Donut chart type. 
ChartFastLineType Represents FastLine chart type. 
ChartFunnelType Represents Funnel chart type. 
ChartHiLoOpenCloseType Represents HiLo Open Close chart type. 
ChartHiLoType Represents HiLo chart type. 
ChartLineType Represents Line chart type. 
ChartPieType Represents Pie chart type. 
ChartPointType Represents Point chart type. 
ChartPolarType Represents Polar chart type. 
ChartPyramidType Represents Pyramid chart type. 
ChartRangeAreaType A range-area chart is a variation of an area chart that lets you plot bands of data similar to bollinger bands and weather patterns. 
ChartRangeColumnType Range-column chart is similar to the column chart, except that each column is rendered over a range. 
ChartRoseType Rose chart - circular graph, witch builds by "pie slices" where Y value defines radius of the slice. 
ChartSplineAreaType Represents Spline Area chart type. 
ChartSplineType Represents Spline chart type. 
ChartStackedArea100Type Represents 100% Stacked Area chart type. 
ChartStackedAreaType Represents Stacked Area chart type. 
ChartStackedBar100Type Represents Stacked Bar chart type. 
ChartStackedBarType Represents Stacked Bar chart type. 
ChartStackedColumn100Type Represents 100% Stacked Column chart type. 
ChartStackedColumnType Represents Stacked Column chart type. 
ChartStepAreaType Step charts are useful for showing a quantity which changes intermittently, but remains constant between these changes. 
ChartStepLineType Represents Step Line chart type. 
ChartTypes Represents helper class for built-in chart types. 


ChartFunnelType.Style Represents the mode that is used to draw the funnel. 
ChartHiLoOpenCloseType.Style Enumeration of HiLoOpenClose type representation. 
ChartLineType.BreakMode Represents break mode used to break lines of this type. 
ChartPieType.LabelStyle Identifies style applied to pie labels' positions. 
ChartPyramidType.Style Represents style that is used to draw the pyramid.