Base aiChart's package.


ChartAxis.LabelsAdapter Interface to implement custom labels generation. 
ChartCollection.IChangeListener<E> Represents IChangeListener class. 
IInvalidateListener Represents IInvalidateListener interface. 
IItemBinder<T> Represents IItemBinder interface. 


ChartArea Represents chart area class. 
ChartAxis Represents chart axis element. 
ChartAxis.Label Represents axis label. 
ChartAxisScale Represents the scaling class for superior ChartAxis
ChartAxisScrollBar Represents scrollbar for ChartAxis 
ChartAxisStripLine Represents axis strip line class. 
ChartCollection<E> Represents generic specialized collection for chart elements. 
ChartCustomAttribute<TValue> Identifies generic custom attributes class. 
ChartEngine Represents Chart engine initially wrapped by ChartView class. 
ChartLayoutElement Represents base class for all chart elements that intend to be docked or aligned to the chart. 
ChartLegend Represents chart legend class. 
ChartLegendAdapter Represent legend items provider. 
ChartLegendAdapter.AnnotationItemsAdapter Represents annotation items provider. 
ChartLegendAdapter.CustomItemsAdapter<T> Represents custom legend items provider. 
ChartLegendAdapter.GroupItemsAdapter Represents group items provider that combines items retrieved from multiple providers. 
ChartLegendAdapter.PointItemsAdapter Represents point items provider. 
ChartLegendAdapter.SeriesItemsAdapter Represents series legend items provider. 
ChartLegendAdapter.SmartItemsAdapter Represents smart legend items provider. 
ChartLegendItem Represents item that is hold by the legend
ChartLegendItem.Cell Represents cell of the legend. 
ChartLegendItem.DrawableCell Represents the drawable cell. 
ChartLegendItem.TextCell Represents text cell class. 
ChartLegendItemsBinder Represents the legend's items binding class. 
ChartNamedCollection<E extends INamedChartItem> Represents specialized chart collection. 
ChartPalette Represents palette class. 
ChartPoint Represents chart point class. 
ChartPointAttributes Represents attributes class. 
ChartPointCollection Represents chart points collection used to store chart points or any wrappers on them. 
ChartPointDeclaration Represents chart point declaration class. 
ChartRenderArgs Represent render arguments class. 
ChartSeries Represents chart series. 
ChartSeries.IconDrawable Drawable to represent series icon (legend, etc.) 
ChartSeriesStyle Represents general style for series. 
ChartTitle Represents title text element. 
ChartTransform Provides methods to transform chart coordinates to screen coordinates and back. 
ChartType Represents base class for building different chart types. 
DoubleRange Represents double range class used to identify range of two double values. 
MathUtils Represents mathematical utilities class. 


ChartAxis.LabelLayoutMode Labels layout mode enumeration. 
ChartAxis.LabelPosition Determines axis labels position relatively to axis line. 
ChartAxis.Position Represents axis position enumeration. 
ChartAxis.TickMarkMode Represents mode that is used to draw tick marks. 
ChartAxis.ValueType Identifies type of value that is represented by axis labels. 
ChartAxisScale.IntervalType Represents type of interval used by ChartAxisScale
ChartLayoutElement.Alignment Represents chart element's alignment. 
ChartLayoutElement.Dock Represents chart element's dock. 
ChartLegend.LayoutMode Represents legend items layout mode. 
ChartPointDeclaration.Usage Represents usages for Y points.