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#1 Posted : Thursday, October 06, 2011 1:08:03 AM
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I'm looking for some guidance in how to tackle this problem:

I want to build a ListView, each row containing an AiChart. Each row in the listview will be a LinearLayout with an aiChart and some other views.

There may be from one to 100 aiCharts in this ListView.

The issue I'm running into is where to store the points, so when it comes time to draw the Chart on the ListView row, it shows up populated with all of the points.

Can I Instantiate an AiChart outside of a view, add points to it, then drop it on a layout as it's being drawn? This is the part I'm confused with. I could build an array of x/y points outside of the chart, then pass them all to the chart when I draw it, but that would be wasteful, as I would have two sets of the same x/y points for every aiChart.

The app in question is VoyDemo (open source). It will display Vehicle diagnostic data as it arrives on the vehicle network. It should be pretty cool once I get the aiChar working :)

VoyDemo executes an event function every time a data point arrives (50/second roughly). There could be from one to 100 or more different data points, each with varying data, such as RPM, speed, O2 sensors, etc.

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