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May 17, 2016

List Search SharePoint Web Part by ArtfulBits

Flexible and efficient search in SharePoint is an eminent feature that is required by everyone using SharePoint for optimization of the business processes - document workflow, data exchange and communication.

List Search Web Part logo

SharePoint is known for its wide capabilities in regards to business processes. In fact, SharePoint can be viewed as an operating system for business. It can handle all operations performed within a company or corporation. A common situation is running multiple websites for internal usage (Intranet portal) by different departments of the certain company, along with the external web sites used for the communication with the clients. All of them are within the same installation of SharePoint. All communication, all data, all documents are being stored within SharePoint and can be accessed. This is where SharePoint may become an extremely flexible tool providing access for chosen groups of users to the chosen lists where data is stored.

List Search web part from ArtfulBits contains a number of extended features that can significantly improve SharePoint search capabilities:

  • Ability to save search filters, give them names, share search filters with the users.
  • Supports "contains", "exact" and "begins with" filters, along with the AND/OR conditions that can be applied to the selected columns for search.
  • Ability to limit allowed search on the site to the set of the site collections, lists/libraries and views.
  • Ability to print search results or export to MS Excel.

Few words about licensing for ArtfulBits solutions:

List Search Main View

Most 3rd-party SharePoint web parts are limited either to a specific web application or to the number of the users, which is very inconvinient in terms of using the same web part all accross the site-collections within a given SharePoint installation

ArtfulBits provides its clients with the most flexible licensing model that supports all business processes that can take place within your company. It is done with the help of "per-farm" licensing model. Once List Search web part is installed on your SharePoint Farm, it can be easily used all accross your web applications and site-collections!

Read more about List Search web part

May 12, 2016

How To Adapt Web Parts for SharePoint 2016:

The architecture of SharePoint 2016 is not much different from SharePoint 2013. Though, components and web parts migration can become a dangerous adventure, anyway. But not for ArtfulBits!.

SharePoint 2016 logo

After successful installation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 we faced with the necessity of upgrading the source code of our SharePoint web parts and components to SharePoint 2016. An upgrade process was easy because we accumulated a lot of experience with a significantly more complex shift from SP 2010 to SharePoint 2013.

So, first we decided to upgrade SharePoint Installer to SharePoint 2016. Few general issues had to be solved in the beginning:

  • Identify correct names of the Sharepoint services employed by the solutions as they can differ from previous SharePoint versions. our SharePoint solutions employ SharePoint Administration and SharePoint Timer Service
  • Check the path to SharePoint folder in Web Server Extensions. Now we can see folders named 14, 15 and 16 inside Web Server Extensions, where 16 is for SharePoint 2016. We needed this information to check whether the server is installed on the machine. Using all this information you have to make corresponding changes in the project classes.
  • Upgrade project files to newer Visual Studio 15 version. It means:
    • including “Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=” reference
    • changing TargetFrameworkVersion to v4.5
    • changes in solution files: Format Version to 12.00, # Visual Studio to 14, VisualStudioVersion to 14.0.24720.0, MinimumVisualStudioVersion to 10.0.40219.1

Now about the process of making 2016 packages for ArtfulBits solutions:

After few minor changes in .bat files, we could run them and got our packages. But we met a problem with MSBuild.exe and project files connected with Visual Studio Version. We resolved it passing “/p:VisualStudioVersion=14.0” for SharePoint 2016 projects as a parameter for MSBuild.

Certainly, the last step should be to install new SharePoint 2016 version of ArtfulBits component on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 and check whether its functional.


March 28, 2016

Cascaded Lookup Column For SharePoint 2016!

While all SharePoint community is wondering regarding pros and cons of the new SharePoint 2016, ArtfulBits released new on premise version of one of our most popular SharePoint components - Cascaded Lookup Column adapted for SharePoint 2016.

SPI logo

It's being used in multiple compound SharePoint solutions and corporate portals by hundreds of companies. It's an indispensable tool for building relationship between parent and child columns, especially in non-trivial situations like editing lists in Datasheet mode.

Even though, there is only RTM version of SharePoint 2016 available now, and the full release is expected sometimes in early May, we decided to adapt our SharePoint components now. We do believe that hybrid solutions promoted by Microsoft will become more commonly used. However we also want to support our clients on their existing on-premise installations of SharePoint.

ArtfulBits Lookup Columns are an effective solution for SharePoint!

Visit Cascaded Lookup page for full information!

January 25, 2016

Shopping Cart Web Part Version 1.7 Released!

New version of Shopping Cart for SharePoint contains so many new features, that a new major version number could have been given! However, ArtfulBits wants to provide it for their customers without any additional charges!

SPI logo

TO save your time, here is just a glimpse on the new features:

  • Integration with PayPal

    now 2 payments available: POD and PayPal.
  • Stock counter

    you can set up a number of items in stock for each type of a product. The user will see different labels based on the number of items left: "In Stock", "Last Piece", "Sold Out".
  • Auction

    now it's possibile to set up an auction for chosen products.

1.7 version is a remarkable step forward. Other than already mentioned functionalities, there are quite a lot minor improvements - search results, sorting became more intuitively understandable and etc. However there is also another remarkable improvement that you'll notice - UI changes. Both - administrative and user UI have been reevaluated and stylized. All functions are easy to use. Your users will appreciate an ease of finding the right products, ordering it, and using order information easily again and again. Administrator will also appreciate an ease of creating new products, product types, auctions, an ease of providing stock availability and easy management of forms and notifications.

ArtfulBits Shopping Cart has become even more affordable and powerful solution for your SharePoint site!

Visit ArtfulBits Shopping Cart page for more info!

October 14, 2015

SharePoint Ideas - community platform for SharePoint professionals by ArtfulBits.

Best sparkling ideas are generated by the crowd of professionals from all over the world, but not in the office lobby. That’s why ArtfulBits is launching SPI – SharePoint clues for the tasks and problems that someone dealt with.

SPI logo

SPI is a community platform for SharePoint professionals provided by ArtfulBis Inc.

SPI goals are the following:

  • Showcase real SharePoint tasks or problems solved with the help of ArtfulBits SharePoint components or web parts.
  • Provide SharePoint professionals with the complementary resources to tackle similar issues.
  • Entertain by competing with each other.

We believe that there is no better source of ideas than the community of people. After the years of marketing own SharePoint solutions, ArtfulBits doesn’t see any alternative to partnership with its users. Best sparkling ideas are generated by the crowd of professionals from all over the world, but not in the office lobby. That’s why there is SPI – SharePoint clues for the tasks and problems that someone dealt with.

What we call you to do?

SPI banner
  • Identify the challenging task or a problem that you solved with the help of any of ArtfulBits SharePoint components or web parts.
  • Record a short video from your screen displaying the step you have made to solve this task.
  • Save video.
  • Submit a post on www.sharepointideas.artfulbits.de with the download link to your video and text description of the task that was handled.
  • Evaluate solutions of fellow-professionals.
  • Get reward for the most popular solutions.

Every user of ArtfulBits SharePoint component or web part is able to submit any number of posts.

How the contest works?

Note: the contest is not the main goal of SPI (this is just #3). Therefore the prizes are symbolic. However we want to award the most inventive posts. Also the number of winners and the prizes may change in future.

SPI banner2
  • Everyone can vote for the posts that are inventive and helpful.
  • A user can submit as many posts as he/she wants.
  • 2 most popular post are rewarded every 3 months.
  • The 1st place receives $100 discount from ArtfulBits, and 2nd place receives $50 discount from ArtfulBits.
  • Every post can participate in the contest only once, even though the possibility to vote for the post is always open.
  • After submission, a popularity of the post will be evaluated only during the next 3 months period (clock on the site counts the time to the end of the 3 months context).

Inventive and practical recommendations for dealing with the real business tasks is our main goal. Therefore, we admit that SPI will open a possibility to submit ideas with the help of any 3rd party SharePoint web parts and applications in future.

Our vision of SPI is to SharePoint pit-stop for the professionals from all over the world. You build SharePoint Ideas, not us!

September 8, 2015

Master Calendar feature-rich web part for SharePoint 2013 is released!

ArtfulBits Master Calendar is capable to connect to multiple data sources (SQL, Outlook on-premise and online, SharePoint lists, Google Calendar), and display all events in one view.

It provides the powerful capabilities for much more convenient events manipulation and team collaboration.

Main features:

  • Multisource support. ArtfulBits Master Calendar collects events from SharePoint Lists of any type, from any SharePoint site, in one Calendar view.
  • Multiple data sources. ArtfulBits Master Calendar provides four data source types: SharePoint List, SQL Database, Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar (cloud based or on premise).
  • Multiple views. This feature includes the following views: day, week, month, quarter, year and Gantt.


ArtfulBits Master Calendar is a logical sequel of ArtfulBits Calendar Web Part, which is available only for SP 2007 and 2010. Master Calendar, on the other hand, provides more possibilities in terms of connectivity with different data sources, and team collaboration, in terms of working with information on the task progress.

ArtfulBits team is determined to continue extending functionality of Master Calendar. That’s why we are especially thankful to all our clients, friends and visitors of our website for providing us with valuable insights in this regards!

Visit Master Calendar page for more info!

August 12, 2015

Mobile application with augmented reality transforms a museum.

iOS and Android mobile application is capable to turn a potentially boring place into an interactive playground and personalize your experience!

Dinos App

ArtfulBits developed mobile application for Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction exhibition in ArtScience Museum (Singapore). All credits for creating an idea of the application go to the organizators of the exhibition. Our team implemented these ideas into the mobile solutions, and we believe this is a great example of the influence that information technologies have on all industries.

Often, people think that museums artefacts are boring, the atmosphere is funereal and there is nothing fun. On the other side, specialists know how vivid all this information may be. The problem is not about the information. The problem is the presentation method. If, even 50 years ago people were receiving new information via books and newspapers, in today’s world it is not enough anymore. Information has to be interactive and engaging in order to be worthy of the people’s attention. One may not like it, but the truth is, that if the information is worthy, you need to frame it in the best available form. And there are a few good reasons why up-to-dated technologies are a better frame!

Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction main features:

  • 360* panorama of the environmental changes over hundreds of millions of years creates a life-like illustration making it look like a cretaceous jungle.
  • “Paint the Past” feature. This is a coloring game to paint the dinosaur in the application.
  • “Diggin Dinos” - digging up a dinosaur. Users use their fingers to interactively scrub out the rock revealing a skeleton. Once the skeleton is completely exposed, an animation is played with the bone-puzzle assembling itself.
  • “Rex Race” (a feature unlocked outside) which you are able to race your virtual dinosaurs to the museum in the shortest time.
  • “Dino Demose” – watching how the environment around you transforms into fire, ash or snow helps the visitors to feel how the extinction phase could possibly looked like.
  • “Scare a dinosaur” in an augmented reality photo experience
  • “Croc-o-Attack” feature. It enables you to point at the empty hall and watch an epic battle of reptiles.
  • “Daily Dino” treat with Dinosaur trivia, exclusive promotions at ArtScience Museum, Dinosaur ringtones and even unique Mobile Wallpapers.

Visit ArtfulBits Blog for the full article!

August 7, 2015

Shopping Cart Web Part Version 1.6 Released!

ArtfulBits continues to develop Shopping Cart for SharePoint, and releases it's 1.6 version with the new features, like "approvers" and "Send Email Upon Order".


Shopping Cart for SharePoint from ArtfulBits has proved to be a very useful tool for our customers. We've seen a lot of intrest towards this solution, and we are very much excided about the decision that was made more than a year ago to launch the development project of this solution

Moreover, one of the important decisions in regards to Shopping Cart has become a decision to take advice from our customers for the further development. Usually custom development is an issue of the additional payment, but with the Shopping Cart it's not. If the suggestion is valuable and interesting, we accept it and implement in the future versions for free.

Here are a few new features that we implemented in 1.6 version:

  • Added "Send Email Upon Order" feature
  • Added "Approvers" feature
  • Added German localization

With these new features, a user can chose an approver who will be receiving a notification about the order. The message that the approver will receive is fully-customizable - "Send Email Upon Order" feature. These new features doesn't presume a possible change of the order workflow. But it may become a matter of the further development. Please, contact our support team, if you think that you have some valuable idea for further development of the Shopping Cart for SharePoint!

Shopping Cart Details

June 18, 2015

New companion Android app for the car owners!

ArtfulBits is introducing Carmon app, a new companion application for the car drivers, developed by our Android team.

Carmon Android app

Carmon App is a professional measurement and displaying tool for all models of VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda starting from 2001. Carmon provides an access to over 70 different values in real time, like acceleration, CO² emissions, tire temperature, battery charge level and etc.

The data acquisition rate is a factor of 1000 higher than that of an OBD adapter, because all measured values are read out directly from the engine CAN bus of the vehicle, stored and sent via Bluetooth to the APP.

Visit ArtfulBits Blog for the full article!

May 25, 2015

Paleo diet iOS application demonstrates ArtfulBits marketing tools

There will always be an unspoken expectation that a software developer should participate, at least on some level, as a business consultant!

Recently we had a customer, a small start-up enterprise with the idea to penetrate the market of paleo dishes recipes.

In ArtfulBits, we decided that our approach should not be indifferent to the business model of the software that we develop for our clients. We agreed on the simple thesis: “we’ll be advising our clients to the extent they think our advice is valuable for them”.

One of the marketing tools we use, market positioning diagram, is a tool that can greatly benefit IT entrepreneurs. With the hundred of thousands of mobile application now available on Google Play and Apple Store, there is a very little chance that the brilliant idea one may be stiken with will find an empty nishe market. Therefore, deep and qualified analysis is required in order to make your software distinctive and valuable.

How to perform market positioning analyis?:

  • Gather information about ALL competitors
  • Identify the the distinctive categories and group categories accordingly (examples of categories: age group, price range and etc.)
  • Map applications on coordinate system
  • Decide which market segment you'd like to penetrate
  • Choose the best strategy, so that to be better that your competitors in the same segment

The business model behind the requirements was explained by the customer very little, as always. However, with the simple tools like market positioning analysis and mapping, ArtfulBits is able to become the best advisor!

Visit ArtfulBits Blog for the full article!

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